Choosing a Photographer

Choosing a Photographer 

Choosing a photographer. This can be an overwhelming process, especially in this over saturated market with many talented photographers, and the not so talented ones too.  I have seen posts of ISO a photographer so many times and I just wonder if the person who is actually looking gets so overwhelmed by all the responses they give up.  My goal here is to help you in choosing the right photographer, even if it is not me.

The things most people consider when choosing photographer is, usually the budget, than the photographers style.  Those two things are very important when choosing a photographer.  I just want to add one more to that short list of considerations, trust. Do you feel like you can artistically trust them?

You will want to make sure you view their portfolio’s and see if you like their style and trust that when you are the ones being photographed that your images will reflect a style you love. My best advice is make sure you choose a photographer who has a style you like, there is nothing worse when the client and the photographer are not on the same page.

Another tip, when choosing a photographer don’t go only for their prices.  When choosing the right photographer you are hiring a person for their time and talent.  These people have taken time to learn their craft and invest in themself as much as they do their business.  Photographers are every day people with bills to pay just like you.

When choosing the right photographer, you do not want to negotiate or haggle over the price. The photographer has spent many hours working out their prices to cover their costs and their salary.  Trying to negotiate or haggle over prices, shows the photographer you do not value their work and maybe that is not the client they want. Remember, they are interviewing you the same time you are interviewing them.  It does need to be a fit for both parties for amazing images both the client and photographer will love.

Has anyone hear the saying below? So true not only in photography but in many products.

choosing a photographer - vacaville photographer

I hope this has helped you more than overwhelmed you.

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