Preparing for your Limited Edition Session

Limited Edition Sessions

So this past April I shot Limited Edition Sessions at Soul Food Farms. It was a lot of fun as we shot back to back thankfully we did not have any issues, but I did want to talk about a few things that can happen to prevent them at your Limited Edition Session.

You may be asking what are Limited Edition Sessions? These are sessions that I hold for Spring, Fall and the Holidays. They are typically around 20 minutes long, include up to 8 groups in a row per day split into 4 groups in the morning and 4 in the afternoon/evening, you will get an online gallery with 10-15 images and you get to choose your favorite 5. Dad’s and the teenage boys love this type of session.

couple looking at each other in an orchard

First tip I would like to share is to be early.  Since the sessions are back to back, it is very important to be early, not just on time but early. This way everyone has a chance to relax and not be rushed.  You can have a chance to check everyone’s outfits get dressed and or change if there were any accidents in the drive over.

Family infront of a old truck

The second tip is to make sure little ones and parents have full belly’s and are not hungry.  Bring water and snacks. Hungry people, little or small are generally not happy people.

Family of three in an orchard

Most important, come prepared to have some fun! Short and sweet but also very fun!  Well I do my best to make it fun that is for sure.

Famil of three walking away

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