Time To Be Me

It is “time to be me”.  I have been in business now for 4 and half years.  Wow I am so amazed!  It is like watching a child grow and become something amazing!

it's time to be meSo as I worked on pricing my senior portrait sessions for the hundredth time, oh my it is has been one heck of a  journey.  I have learned the more and more I try to be like and do as other photographers do, I fail.  I fail because you can’t do anyone else. You have to do yourself. So I have decided I will go back to doing what I do best and giving clients what they want.  Simple, all in one pricing and making it simple for my clients.  I know there will be others that will disagree but this is what “I” want and what  “my clients” want and it works for “me”.


I sometimes get side tracked and forget “my why”.  Why do I do what I do? The answer is quite simple – because I started my family out really young and I could not afford photography and I do not have many professional photos
of my children.  I don’t have amazing wedding photos because we could not afford a photographer.  I started Portraits by it's time to be Valerie to be an affordable photographer and be able to have travel money to visit family.   I have affordable rates so professional photography is accessible to everyone.

Just like everyone has the option to buy a Hyundai Accent, a car that gets you from A to B with no bells or whistles or a Mercedes Benz E-Class Sedan with all the bells and whistles, I believe clients have the right to choose simple all inclusive photographer or the in person sales photographer that will walk you from A to B. We all have the right to choose what level of service we want.

it's time to be me


The time is now — it is “Time to be Me”!

Have questions? Please email me at PortraitsbyValerie@hotmail.com