Tips for Choosing a Senior Portrait Photographer

Tips for Choosing a Senior Portrait Photographer

One thing I have learned being a Senior portrait photographer is, Senior year is BUSY! 

Tests, college application deadlines, decisions to be made, senior portraits.  It can get a little overwhelming and stressful, right?

Senior portraits should be the least stressful and actually should be the most relaxing and fun of them all! This should be the h.s. seniors time to shine and celebrate how much they have grown.  My goal is to help make this experience fun, relaxing and stress free!  I do realize choosing a photographer, since there are so many, can be very overwhelming.  So let’s take a look at what you should look for in a senior portrait photographer.

LOOK EARLY – Yes start looking early! Look during Junior year.  Especially if you have no idea who you will be choosing.  Photographers generally book 6-8 weeks out.  If you want a summer or fall session, really plan ahead.  Those are the busiest season for senior portraits.

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BUDGET – What is your budget?  I do understand we don’t live in a world where we have money trees in our backyard and prices will determine some of our choices.  Be sure to get ALL the pricing information from photographers. Most have a session fee and a minum package purchases so be sure to ask. So once you have a clear idea you can better budget for your senior session.

Don’t forget to ask if they have a payment plan and what that  timeline is.  Just be sure to understand the pricing BEFORE signing any contracts.

WHAT WILL YOU BE DOING WITH YOUR PORTRAITS? This one question really may help you decide which photographer you will want to hire.  As simple as it is, I am surprised at how many are not really sure what they will be using them for other then annoucements and maybe print for grandparents.

Do you want an impressive wall display, album for keepsake, annoucements? If these are somethings you want you will want to make sure your photographer can provide those. Most photographers will have samples.

Do you just need prints, for relatives and your wall? Maybe you look for someone who provides digital images.

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STYLE – What style do you like? Traditional, urban, fashion inspired.  You will want to preview photographers portfolios so you can find someone that matches the style you like and desire. You will start to get a feel and see what you are drawn too.

ONLINE PRESENCE – Does your photographer have an online presence? If they are serious about their business they will have a website. Most photographers will have social media too, check those as well and this will give you a feel for how professional they are.  Last but not least, be sure to read the reviews.

vacaville photographer, senior portraits

CONSULTATION – Meet with the photographer.  Most photographers are happy to meet you in person and answer any questions you have. This will helps you get a sense of whether or not you will be comfortable with that person.

Hopefully this will be helpful in choosing your Senior Portrait Photographer. Happy hunting and good luck!