Tween & Teen Session

What is a tween? A tween is between 9 – 15 years of age. This is the age where they are no longer little children but not yet teenagers. You’ve captured all of their amazing milestones, from newborn to their 1st birthday, to starting school, yet many tend to miss the stage where they transform from a child to a teenager.

Although often overlooked, these years are a time to cherish and capture your child’s freckles and braces, innocence and adventurous spirit, distinct personality and attitude, and talents and dreams as they transition from child to young adult.

Encourage confidence. Build self-esteem.

Our tween and teen “Be You” photo sessions are about capturing their personalities, boosting their confidence and celebrating lifelong friendships. The sessions are designed to be fun and relaxing. Your tween/teen can bring along something that they are passionate about, whether it be an instrument, sporting gear, or their best friend! (best friend can be in a few shots, no solo shots of bff unless each girl pays, 20% off if both are paying)

We encourage them to be themselves as this is the age where they are becoming more independent, more true to their own style and personality. Not only is it our goal to create beautiful images for you and your child but to increase their self esteem and self image through the art of photography.