What to Wear for Photos

What to Wear

So today and many previous times I have been asked, “What should we wear for our photo session?”

Well, for an extra fee I can come to you home and help select your outfits, NAH just kidding.   So seriously deciding what to wear in photos can be challenging especially if you are like me and and are not a fashionista.  So here are my suggestions for the most asked question, What to wear, for the different types of sessions.

Senior Portraits

What to wear for senior portraits is an easy and fun one.  For senior sessions you bring a variety of clothes (depending on the session you chose).  For girls, a dress is a go to pick. I love the site, Rent the Runway. It has great choices at a fraction of the cost of the dress!  Pair it with  boots, sandals or heels for a variety of looks You can’t go wrong with jeans and a dressy top.

I love the casual outfits, the ones that really state who you are, just don’t forget the accessories to add your personal touches. For the boys, jeans and solid color t-shirts or pair those jeans with a button down shirt and or vest and don’t forget a sporty outfit if you are into sports.  The most important thing to remember when choosing your outfits is to choose items you love yourself in. If you feel good, then your personality will shine through on your images. Examples at the end of the post

Maternity Session

Choose something that is easy to move in and is comfortable and that  will highlight your belly when you wrap your hands around it. Solid colors work well and are my preference, but if you are a pattern person, choose larger scale patterns as they tends to work better (i.e., wide stripes, large florals, etc.) to flatter your growing baby bump. You will be sitting, laying down for some poses (on benches, tree stumps, rocks, or even the ground); please wear clothing that would make this easier. Maxi dresses are great for creating a more regal, sophisticated look and are also really great for modesty. Separates work best for “bare belly” shots. Although I am a lover of all  black, all black can sometimes make the belly “disappear” in photos. If you are interested in the open belly maternity gowns, I have a few you can choose from and you can purchase your own via the Used Maternity Gown Sell and Swap on Facebook. Examples at the end of the post

Newborn Session

Keep it simple.  I would bring tops for everyone in white or black.  You are welcome to bring both or just one but I recommend bringing extra tops incase there are any baby accidents.  If you like the skin on skin look, I have bandeau tops with wraps we can use. For baby I have items and wraps and they will mostly be nakey.  If you have a special outfit you want them to wear, please bring it.  I would stay away from LARGE Flowery headbands, they make you lose focus off the baby, since baby is so small.  Same with tutu, I would save the tutu for the milestone sessions, (3, 6, 9 & 1yo). Examples at the end of the post

Cake Smash

The choices are endless!! I’ve had tutus, super hero costumes, as well as boys with just a tie! Just pick something that your happy to get messy! Regular outfit is optional if you would like a non-cake photo. I can do a couple without a cake. Whatever you choose, make sure you are ok with it getting very messy. Examples at the end of the post

Family Session

Pick two or three colors that are flattering for everyone, and work within these colors for every family member.  Integrate texture in your clothing options. A tweed scarf, furry vest will add personality to a photo.  Have fun with adding accessories and layering for dimension.  Be sure to iron your shirt or shine those shoes, yes photo shop can be magic but it can cost extra to iron a shirt in 25 photos. Above all be sure your family is comfortable and the clothes fit well.  Comfortable children are happier children.  See the examples below or check out my Pinterest board for ideas. Examples at the end of the post